Talcyon is a pioneer in developing the Acoustic Pulse Reflectometry (APR) technology, an advanced NDT for tube inspection. We are the solutions provider to various industries requiring tube inspection found in Boilers, Fin Fans, Condenser, Heaters, Economizers, Super Heaters and other heat exchangers.

Our methods are the ideal solution for multiple bend tube inspection, emergency shutdown tube leak detection, quick scan of tube bundles, and tube cleaning verification.


Any Tube Material and Shape

Compatible with any tube material or shape. Non-ferrous, ferrous, graphite, plastic, U-bend, finned, twisted, spiral and more!

Ultra-Fast Tube Inspection

Speedy, non-invasive inspection. Takes only less than 10 seconds per tube!

Final Report in Short Duration

Highly intuitive and customised report generation in a flash. Easy operation with minimal training.



Providing reliable advanced NDT solution for tube inspection, including the most challenging tube sizes and configurations. APRIS increases inspection cycle efficiency and operational cost savings.


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