The Pros and Cons of APR Technology

There are many different methods to inspect your heat exchangers. However, using the unconventional methods such as APR technology is identified as the easiest and most efficient. APR technology has been rising in demand in the more recent years.

APR technology is changing the industry and enabling companies to accurately and rapidly perform comprehensive inspections, leading to a drastic reduction of catastrophic failures. It meets the market demand for speed, accuracy and objective report generation. The technology uses algorithms that identifies and reports exact location, type and size of the defects in inner tubes.

APR technology, an NDT technology that offers several advantages over other tube inspection tools . Most inspection equipment requires a probe in order to perform the inspection using magnetic or electrical source. This can be difficult or even impossible in many applications where the tubes are underground and not accessible.

 However, with APR technology, inspection can be conducted in places that you think is impossible to access!

Unique features of APRIS:

  • Ultra- fast inspection – Up to only 10 seconds per tube
  • User- friendly industrial tool – testing can be easily done by any operators with minimal training
  • Uses Non-Invasive Technology
  • Suitable for tubes of various shapes and configurations
  • Able to inspect any tube materials (Ferrous, Non-ferrous, graphite, composites and so on.)
  • Refined algorithms to identify exact location, type and size of defects
  • Intuitive software with Artificial Intelligence to generate reliable, accurate and quality report.
  • Continuous communication with portal to enhance user interactions

With various benefits posed by the APR technology, there comes a few unavoidable drawbacks. Outer tube defects cannot be identified, cracks under pressure (closed cracks) cannot be detected and defects that are under deposits or scales cannot be spotted by technology, which can be improved if proper cleaning of tubes – one of the prerequisites for using APR technology.

Our company manufactures APRIS, an APR technology tool made to provide industries with nothing but excellent tube inspections. APRIS enables both minor and major industries to increase efficiency by cutting down on inspection speed.    Forget about the time-consuming, conventional methods that you are currently using and try the unconventional methods by using APRIS today!

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