tube mapping software tms

Tube Mapping Software (TMS) is a solution designed specifically to produce an accurate layout and labelling of tubes on a tube sheet. Collectively needed for tube inspection and maintenance reporting, TMS offers user-friendly features that allow companies to carry out their reporting faster and more efficiently.

Key Features

  1. Hassle-free. Start mapping with ease by having multiple methods of inputs.
    • Map using a photograph.
    • Map using a technical drawing
    • Manual mapping using rows and columns (when photographs and drawings are unavailable).
  2. Automated mapping. Manual editing is available to fine tune output.
  3. Custom map building using Grid (angle, row&column).
    • 45 degrees
    • 90 degrees
    • 30 degrees
    • 60 degrees
  4. Line select – select a row of mapped tubes.
  5. Mirroring technique.
  6. Mini map.
  7. User-friendly advanced software design; easy to use with a quick tutorial.

Integration with Reporting Functionalities

Talcyon’s Tube Mapping Software (TMS) works well with reporting softwares to translate data into presentable and easy-to-read formats.

Find out more about our reporting software here.

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How It Works?

tube mapping



Map Tube Sheet
Upload a photograph or schematic diagram of the tube sheet onto the software. Create a map of the tube sheet. Assign a number to each of the tube openings. A tube sheet gives the software a graphic representation. As such, it will help you track which tubes have already been measured – empowering you to work efficiently. 

Set-up Inspection Parameters
Set the inspection parameters based on the physical attributes of the tubes. This includes the tube length, diameter, and wall thickness.

undetected tube mapping



Edit graphical representation
Make sure all tubes are detected and correctly mapped.

Manual editing can be carried out in this step to increase accuracy. If some tubes are left undetected, you may select ‘Add tubes’ to add the tubes that are not detected by the software. Similarly, you shall select the ‘Delete Tube’ option to delete tubes that were falsely detected by the software.


Order tubes

Tube ordering
Order the tubes by row-column attributes.

Choose the First Tube to define the first tube and next choose Define Direction by selecting two adjacent tubes.

Once done, click Order Tubes and each tube will be ordered by Row (R), Column (C), Zone (Z) and respective Tube Number (N).

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