CleanCheck, verifies the cleanliness of your tubes prior to doing inspection by detecting fouling from 20% of cross section reduction. Reduce downtime by not having to do multiple rounds of cleaning.

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Reduce downtime by not having to do multiple rounds of cleaning.

Paired up with the fastest inner tube scanning tool in the market, the APRIS, get immediate data results on the cleanliness of your HX tubes on your laptop.

CleanCheck is developed from our patented Acoustic Pulse Reflectometry technology to help heat exchanger asset owners and service providers alike to reduce time needed to carry out maintenance.

Key Features

  1. Detecting fouling from 20% of cross section reduction.

  2. Adaptable for tubes of up to 4″ inner diameter, any shape or material.
    • Any shape: D-type , Finned tubes , Multiple bend tubes, Twisted Tubes, Spiral Tubes, U-tubes
    • Any material: Ferrous metals, Non-ferrous metals, Graphite, Plastic
  3. Ultra-fast, non-invasive inspection
    • Less than 10 seconds per tube
  4. Less expertise required
    • Easy operation with minimal training.
    • Computer-based data interpretation and signal analysis.

Using Acoustic Pulse Reflectometry

Acoustic Pulse Reflectomery (APR) is a specialised technology that measures the ensuing reflection from the surface abnormalities by sending sound pulses down the tube using air as a medium.

Any changes in the cross sectional area in the tubular system generates a reflection. These reflections are generated from the change in geometry in the tube when sound travels down the tube.


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