Product Overview

Talcyon’s non-invasive solution for inner diameter inspection of tubes up to 4″ enables ultra-fast, accurate inspection of boilers, Fin Fans, and other heat exchangers regardless of tube shape & or material.

Featuring patented Acoustic Pulse Reflectometry (APR) technology, APRIS is an advanced, yet easy-to-use tool that overcomes the limitations of many conventional inspection techniques. With its simple operation, interactive analysis and report generation, it offers enhanced user experience. Providing reliable inspection of even the most challenging tube sizes and configurations, APRIS increases inspection cycle efficiency and operational cost savings.


Any tube size up to 4″ diameter, regardless of configuration, & or material
  • Boilers, Fin Fans, Condenser, Heaters, Economizers, Super Heaters other heat exchangers
  • U-bends, D type, twisted, spiral wound, helical and flexible tubes
  • Ferrous and non-ferrous metals, graphite and composites
Ultra-fast, non-invasive inspection
  • Less than 10 seconds per tube
  • Fast enough for 100% inspection if/when needed
  • Ideal for emergency situations or limited inspection time or pit stops
  • No need for inventory of consumable probes
  • Mitigate risk of sampling
Enhanced User Experience
  • Testing is easily performed by any operator with minimal training
  • Precise detection, classification and sizing of defects
  • Artificial Intelligence based data interpretation and intuitive report generation
Industry Standards
  • ASTM E2906/E2906M-13
  • ASME BPVC.V-2017-Article 18

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