Power Generation

Power plants can be divided into two categories: Conventional and Non-conventional Power Plants.

Conventional power plants
  • Fossil fuel power plants

    Generates electric power by burning fossil fuels like coal, natural gas or diesel.

  • Nuclear power plants

    Controlled nuclear reaction is maintained to generate electricity.

  • Hydroelectric power plants

    Electricity is produced by building dams on suitable rivers.

Non-conventional power plants
  • Wind power plants

    The kinetic energy of wind is used to create power.

  • Solar power plants

    Generates power by collecting solar radiation

  • Geothermal power plants

    Uses the natural heat found in the deep levels of the earth to generate electricity.

  • Biomass power plants

    Natural organic matter is burnt to produce electricity.

Heat Exchangers in Power Plant

Safe operation of power plants requires the steady cooling of bearings, lube oils, and rotor blades of diesel or gas motors and steam or gas turbines. Proper cooling and condensing of process steam is also critical to the safe operation of a power plant.

Heat Exchanger Failure Mechanism:
  • Process fouling
  • Stress corrosion cracking (SCC) of tubes
  • Steam/condensate corrosion
  • Process Corrosion

Three main areas for improvement to minimize future in-service tube failures.

  • Tube testing
  • Retubing strategy
  • Design improvements.
Tube testing

Technologies for inspecting heat exchanger tubes are rapidly changing and continuously improving. Variance in test results depending on both the instrument and operator.

The impact of human factors on non-destructive examination (NDE) performance is more prominent with the increased complexity and sophistication of today`s NDE techniques. Root cause analysis of some of the tube failures identified the need for reliable technicians and technologies.

APRIS provides solution to tube inspection problems with important advantages to power plants by minimizing downtime and improving operational productivity.


  • Evaporator
  • Condenser
  • Pre Heater
  • Raw water heater
  • Interstage Cooler
  • Cooler of lube oil for gas turbine, steam turbine, and wind turbine
  • Gland steam condenser
  • Process heater and cooler
  • Compressor cooler
  • Atomizing air cooler