Lack of Tube Maintenance Causes Unplanned Downtime


Why do we stress on the need for conducting tube inspection for industries?

Tube inspections take up a major part of maintenance and is carried out frequently to ensure heat exchanger systems can perform its necessary functions.

Without tube inspections of a heat exchanger, it is likely to develop defects such as cracking from the constant process of expanding and contracting. The cracks may release harmful gases into the atmosphere from the cracked heat exchanger – which can be deadly.

Read more about “Extreme dangers of heat exchanger failure.” (link to previous article 2 – heat exchangers)

Lack of heat exchanger maintenance also leads to businesses falling burden to unplanned downtimes. Unplanned downtimes then cause huge monetary loses for industries. “Downtime is money.” Literally.

Below in the article, we would like to discuss the cost of downtime when businesses go offline. The cost of downtime is dependent on several factors. The actual loss a company experiences is influenced by things such as:

  • Duration of downtime
  • The industry
  • The time and day of the week
  • Other departments impacted by the downtime
  • The number of people affected, including 3rd parties that may requires compensation

Downtime in manufacturing is not as simple as a direct loss in revenue like an eCommerce brand experiences. Unplanned downtime in the manufacturing industry leads to problems with labour overhead, maintenance disruption on a broader scale, engineering difficulties, and even complete shutdown of production.

Therefore, in order to minimize downtime in industries, one of the main ways is to conduct tube inspections. This can be done by making smart investments on tube inspection tools – such as APRIS.

You need to be smart about how you’re investing in new technology. Not only do you need the right equipment and systems, but you also need to be aware of the timing. So, what are you waiting for? Check APRIS out today!

Link to read more about APRIS

Tube inspection allows operators to understand more about the defects located inside a tube, big or small. Tube inspection sounds like a tedious process – especially in the industries as there are many tubes involved. However, the operators do not have to exert much of their energy to get the results by using Talcyon’s tool inspection tool, APRIS. Yes, using a tube inspection tool is important to maintain the tubes but using a speedy tube inspection tool like APRIS, not only helps ensure quality of tubes but also increases efficiency within the industry.

Moreover, APRIS allows tube inspections to be carried out in a very short time span – 10 seconds per tube.

In conclusion, simply prevent unplanned downtime by conducting regular tube inspections with APRIS.

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