What is APR technology Used For?

Usage of Acoustic Pulse Reflectometry (APR) technology is increasing in industries. Rise in this technology is mainly due to its non-invasive properties, which highly benefits the industries.

So, how exactly does APR technology work?

Acoustic Pulse is a non-destructive technique and can be used for many purposes, even in the touch screen of your smartphones. Acoustic pulse recognition devices create a stored profile of the sound created by a user’s touch. When the device “hears” something via its transducers, it cross references the sound with the stored sound profile. Assuming the two matches, it responds with the appropriate command. If the two sounds don’t match, it ignores the sound, believing that it’s simply ambient noise and not an actual touch command.

APR is also used in tubes for inspection purposes. The only prerequisites to be done before using the technology on tubes is washing and drying the inner section. It is essential for tubes to be cleaned before inspection so that any unwanted matter or dirt does not come in the way of the technology from detecting the possible cracks, blockages, etc.

When we first hear the term “APR technology”, we tend to assume that it would be complicated to use. However, using the technology for inspection is pretty basic. Even operators with minimal knowledge about technology can carry out tube inspections.

In APR technology, the probe injects acoustic pulse into the tube and the following reflected echoes are recorded and analysed. Any change in the cross-sectional area of the tubular system creates a reflection, which is then recorded and analysed in order to detect defects. A set of patented algorithms identifies and reports exact location, type and size of the defects in inner tubes. It takes 10 seconds per tube this quick inspection contributes to industrial efficiency. Therefore, APR technology is preferred in various industries today.


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