What are Boilers Used For?

Boilers are pure vessel that provides heat transfer surface between the combustion products and water. They are used for steam production. The generation part of the steam system uses a boiler to add energy to a feedwater supply to generate steam.

The most common function for any boiler, whether it is an industrial or residential boiler, is to serve as the central heating mechanism for a home, business facility, hospital, commercial complex, etc. In this article, we’ll describe the traditional uses for boilers, as well as some of the more unique ways that boilers help support the function of major businesses and facilities across the globe. You’ll probably discover an even greater appreciation for what your boiler is capable of!

Boilers are used nearly everywhere. Even in places such as Disney.

Disney has had a long history of adopting environmentally friendly processes, and boilers have now come to play a big part in that process. There are five railroad trains that circle the property, all of which now use a soy-based biodiesel fuel to power the steam boilers that make them run.

Relying on recycled feed water is another way that the resort has tailored their boiler processes to be more environmentally friendly: the porous asphalt at the Disneyland property allows for collection and recycling of rainwater to use in the system. These creative boiler practices are inspirational and shows how adaptable and innovative boiler uses can be.

Boilers can also be used to brew beer. It might not be so obvious when you are sipping on beer that the brewery that produces it also relies on the same technology and equipment that is used to heat other more traditional industrial and commercial spaces.

They are also used industries, such as paper industries like Nippon, where they are ready to install traditional boiler in their plant in Port Angeles, Washington. The plant will use their industrial steam boiler to power turbines that will create electricity. This power will then be extracted at lower pressures in order to be used for drying paper at the plant.

In conclusion, we hope this article has increased your understanding of what a boiler is and the unique non-traditional places they can be used in.

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